Pets as Historical Figures

Artist Christina Hess' Animal from History is an e-book with illustrations of famous historical figures. She uses images of cats and dogs to recreate the stories based on actual events in order to to make them more entertaining and visually appealing. The animal-centric history book is perfect for readers of any age.

The History of Superman's Iconic Symbol in Infographic

Since 1938 the iconic symbol of Superman has changed a lot and many of us might not have known the fact. Thats why Halloween Costume wants  to give some knowledge through infographic that explains the evolution. Theinfographic showcases the evolution starting from the year 1938 with detailed visual explanation of the transformation of the emblem S of the Man of Steel.


Hungarian Farmer Builds Tractor Entirely from Wood

51 year old István Puskás has build an incredible working tractor entirely from wood. He took the project in the winter and kept himself busy rather than going to pub or sitting at home playing PC games. His wife Iren also encouraged him to spent the cold months in a better and innovative way.

  It took four months to complete the tractor and the timber vehicle features a Fiat 126 engine,  a steering wheel from an old Mercedes Benz and a petrol tank created out of beer barrel. The couple was even allowed to drive the vehicle around the lanes of the village by  local police.

  István loves to work with wood and his next project will be a three-wheeled car.

Recreating Bond Film in LEGO

A die-hard fan of James Bond has recreated the very first scene of the film Casino Royale using only LEGO bricks and toys. The incredible three minutes clip is getting positive responses from the fans of the famous spy across the globe. According to the maker the video took almost two weekendss to complete.

The Fearless Domestic Feline

Have you seen a domestic cat going wild instead of chasing mice in the backyard? The new Whiskas campaign will definately will make your feline fearless to get even close to the king of the jungle. In fact these amazing photos are digitally recreated to make it look as if the fearless tabby is  roaming in the wild for real.

  Photographer George Logan and digital artist Tony Swinney have together recreated some stunning images for the Whiskas campaign that urges the owners to discover and feed their cat's instinct with their brand of cat food.

Bone Weapon: Bruce Mahalski's Weapons are Created Out of Animal Bones

Artist Bruce Mahalski's replica of AK-47 is made out of animal bones using an impressive carving style. The good thing is that it is not functional but can be used as an interior decoration. Mr. Mahalski specializes in bone art and his artworks reflect interests in weapons and guns.

Hollywood Blockbuster Inspired Lego Replicas

Alex Jone's incredible LEGO replica of 1984 blockbuster "Ghostbusters HQ" is a detailed artwork that tries to recreate the masterpiece in a stunning way. The LEGO structure features the iconic car ECTO 1 and a building with rooms which exhibit the creator's mastery on LEGO blocks.