Swapped Feline Faces: Undercats Depicts Cats Dressed as their Owner

Switzerland based photographer Sebastian Magnani's Undercats is cute,  hilarious and freaky photoseries that depicts felines in their owner's dresses.

  Actually all these photographs are cleverly photoshopped to swap the faces of cats with their owners. It takes more than 6 hours just to merge two photos together to give a realistic touch.

  Magnani travelled around Switzerland to find the best faces for his portrait. According to the photographer, cats eyes fascinate him and because of their same head form, his works become very easier.

Ricola Cough's Smart Ad Campaign (Video)

Ricola's new ad campaign in a concert hall is smart and clever enough to confuse the olookers. The ad shows a female musician comes onto the stage to play piano. As she stops few people start to cough and soon after few others join them. Most of the onlookers get confused but soon their confusion end when the Ricola ad campaign is pulled off.

  This funny ad campaign makes awkward sounds more enjoyable.

Steampunk Caterpillar

The jewel studded caterpillar was created nearly 200 years ago by a Swiss watchmaker for rich Chinese buyers. The incredible steampunk caterpillar is capable of crawling due to clockwork powered mechanism. Named as the Ethiopian caterpillar, the 19th century robotic item was sold in 2010 for more than $400,000.




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