Bald-Friendly Restaurant in Japan

Otasuke is a new restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, that offers special discount services to bald hardworking fathers. The sign outside the restaurant says "Be bald, be proud".

   Yoshiko Toyota, the owner, has opened the pub especially for white-collared bald businessmen who are the backbone of Japan's economy. Yoshika offers balding discount to customers who are willing to admit their baldness to the staff.

   Baldness effects 26% of Japanese men and it is a very delicate issue. Otasuke encourages bald people to be proud of themselves and carry out their work just like bald Hollywood superstars.

Japan's Popular Bubble Soccer

"Bubble Soccer" is the most popular sport in Japan where people can play wearing giant inflatable bubble suits to make the game fun and enjoyable without getting hurt.

 11th official Bubble Soccer match was played on 4th April at Ramos Ruy Indoor Futsol Stadium in Tokyo. People enjoyed and participated in the bizzare soccer game, which has become extremely popular among people of all ages.

Moomin Cafe Offers a Friendly Companion while you Dine

A restaurant in Japan, named Moomin Cafe, never let you to dine alone because you are always accompanied by a large stuffed hippo. When customers order meal, the cafe lets them know that somebody special wants to seat next to them. Depending on their response the diners are given lovely and cute friendly stuffed animals to oversome loneliness and enjoy a very special dining experience.

   Moomin cafe is inspired by Swedish-Finnish animated series "Moomin" and its interior design, food, drinks are also inspired by the famous Scandinavian cartoon characters.


3D Printed Transformer Robot Toys


Kenji Ishida's Transformer Robot Version 7.2 is the world's only remote-controlled toy car that converts itself into a robot in seconds. The limited edition robotic toys will be displayed at Maker Faire Tokyo 2012. Ishida's company Brave Robotics has done a decade of research to built the remarkable Transformer toy bot.

  The toy features rocket launcher in each arm and WiFi camera compatible with a PC or tablet. The body  and parts of the robot are 3D printed. Ishida hopes to build a full size rideable transformer bot by the year 2030. (via)

$5.2 Million Golden Christmas Tree

Tokyo based jeweler Ginza Tanaka's Christmas tree is the world's most expensive tannenbaum that features most famous Disney characters. Worth $5.2 million, the Disney inspired festive tree is 2.4 metre tall, made of  48 kg of pure gold and consists 50 Disney characters draped with golden ribbons. It took 2 months to create and 10 master craftsmen were employed to craft the golden tree.

  The tree will be displayed in Tanaka's showroom until Christmas.


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