This Kid Makes $1Million a Year by Playing Toys

He is just 8 year old and already made a fortune online. Just like every kids Evan also loves to play with toys. But he has made his favourite pasttime as a job. Evan's Youtube channel EvanTubeHD gets millions of views. He reviews toys and games for which his channel makes a whopping $1.3 illion a year.

  The channel has its own dedicated sales team who negotiates deals and sells ads. The big thing about Evan is his dedication and amazing camera presence. His reviews are so compelling that can make viewers to go out and try for it.

  Evan also goes to school, does his homework and hangs out with his class friends. His parents want to give Evan a simple and normal life. This is the reason there is not much information about the little wonder.

Recreating Bond Film in LEGO

A die-hard fan of James Bond has recreated the very first scene of the film Casino Royale using only LEGO bricks and toys. The incredible three minutes clip is getting positive responses from the fans of the famous spy across the globe. According to the maker the video took almost two weekendss to complete.



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