Animal Inspired Arts That Are Funny And Creepy

Here is a collection of some weird animal arts that are really strange and some are even freaky too. The unique combination of imagination and art has led to some interesting results. At the same time, you will find it strange and it will also depend on which one you are looking at are funny, disturbing or eerie.                                                   

X.Men Mutant Loves Burgers

This is an ad campaign from Carl's Jr. Mystic for Western X-Trabacon Thickburger, is so tasty that even an attractive shape-shifting mutant cannot resist herself and transforms into a big muscle man to enjoy the brger with 2 times bacon.

   It is a promotional campaign for the forthcoming sci-fi action movie 'X-Men Days of Futre Past'.

Parrot and Dodo's Tweet Campaign

The 'Tweet Couple' features a parrot and a dodo who compose tweets on your behalf. The fun campaign is from Cornetto and makes your tweet funnier and enjoyable. The two birds react when you compose your tweets.

  Watch the video above and know more how to have fun with 140 characters.

Fire-Breathing Penguin

This is not a fantasy film but a new ad campaign for GE Cafe refrigerator. The campaign features a series of arctic animals breathing fire which is a visual representation of the rerfigerator's capability to provide hot water with the push of a button.

   The campaign was conceived by Torornto based as agency BBDO.

Most Expensive Billboard

The most expensive billboard is Skydive Dubai's ad campaign that involves a daredevil stunt by a man in a jetpack that costs $500 a second. The ad campaign was created to promote skydiving tours by Skydive Dubai.