The Bicycle that Transports Sperm

One of Europe's leading sperm bank Nordisk Cryobank in Copenhagen, Denmark, has come up with a unique idea for transporting sperm samples to fertility centres within the city. Nordisk Cryobank's The Sperm Bullitt is an eco-friendly bike in the shape of a sperm and internally contains cooling system for the sperm samples. Know more about The Sperm Bullitt.

Bond lethal bikes

BOND (Built Of Notorious Deterrent) bike is a creation of the insurer  which is actually flamethrower. This is the kind of bike that James Bond would like to ride for his secret missions. This may be the reason for unveiling the bike in front of Mi6 building. The bike is featured with flame thrower handlebar to get rid of the vehicles that get too close. It is also fitted with an all terrain caterpillar track instead of a rear wheel. The amazing gadget bike will  be displayed at Cycle Show in London next week.

One Wheeler

Bicycles are the best way to get around, also the cheapest form of transportation and environment friendly.  Also it helps to keep you fit.



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