Dog Poop Insurance

Conceived by Japanese ad agency Ogilvy and Mather for the Sneaker Freaker Magazine, the dog poop insurance will allow people to receiev money for new sneakers if they fulfill certain conditions. Next time if you step on dog poop then there is a special insurance for your safeguard.

Funny and creative advertisements

Advertisements can be funny as well as creative. Just a picture can tell you a lot . Enjoy some funny and creative advertisement ideas I have collected from the web.

Cheerleaders in Mud

It is an ad campaign from Milkshake brand Frijj, where cheerleaders or Frijj Swamp Soccerettes (as they call) get down and dirty  in the mud.   Frijj shakes are like mud, as thick as mud.
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Mad for Coconuts

These two squirrels are crazy about coconuts and getting stuck themselves into their favourite snack. These two squirrels are regular visitors to Jane Roberts' garden in Fareham, Hampshire.

Jane said," I make a large hole in the coconut so that they can get into the flesh. The first time I saw them feeding I nearly died laughing, they looked just like a pair of spacemen.Even now I can't stop chuckling every time I see them.".  Usually they used to steal food put outside for birds but the love for coconut has changed their tastes. Via:Crazy about coconuts