Eco-Friendly Recycled Bouquet

Spray Bouquet is an eco-friendly sculpture designed by Hillary Coe, an artist who works for Can Love that creates amazing things from discarded spray cans. Hillary also used spray paints cans for her recycled art and beautifully turned them into wonderful bouquets. By selecting cans of different colors Coe cuts and molds them into flowers and stems. 

Amazing creations from tennis balls

 Hugh Hayden Design has created two amazing furnitures from recycled tennis balls. The Dog Bed is made completely from recycled tennis balls from the New York Metropolitan area. These balls were woven together in hexagonal pattern. The bed is ideal for small dogs like Boston Terrier, Dachshund, Pug. The bed comes with a removable 2-sided cushion, red on one side and black on the other.  Another amazing creation from Hugh Hayden Design is HEX tEnnis Chair. The chair also comprises tennis ball collected from he New York Metropolitan area. There are two versions for the chair - olid and hollow. The solid version is constructed entirely of tennis balls and is better for high traffic locations, while the hollow version uses a plastic drum insert to allow the chair to be lighter and more portble. Check more images inside.



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