Animal Inspired Arts That Are Funny And Creepy

Here is a collection of some weird animal arts that are really strange and some are even freaky too. The unique combination of imagination and art has led to some interesting results. At the same time, you will find it strange and it will also depend on which one you are looking at are funny, disturbing or eerie.                                                   

Recreating Bond Film in LEGO

A die-hard fan of James Bond has recreated the very first scene of the film Casino Royale using only LEGO bricks and toys. The incredible three minutes clip is getting positive responses from the fans of the famous spy across the globe. According to the maker the video took almost two weekendss to complete.

Crystalised LEGO Sculptures

The Cimon-Art Work's LEGO sculptures are adorned with thousands of Swarovski crystals and only five of such dazzling  pieces have been created. Currently being displayed at Swarovski Crystallised concept store in New York. These precious LEGO toys are perfect gift for Christmas, if you can spare extra thousand dollars.

Half Infant Half Hulk Figurine

The eight inches toy designed by Ron English is a bizzare combination of a superhero and an infant. The figurine is easily recognisable from its color and physique. Named Tamper Tot, half infant and half Incredible Hulk, the vinyl creation has been seen in English's street art and paintings. The toy combines the innocence of an infant and anger, that Hulk struggles to deal with.

 The weird vinyl toy will be available in 2013, but toy enthusiasts can pre-order now.

Fall of Batman Stop-Motion Video

Batman:Dark Knightfall is an amazing fan-made stop-motion video to date. Created by Derek Kwock and Henry Wong, the short film features Batman toys cleverly maneuvered and well-executed camera work make it life-like that one can hardly believe they are just toys. The video features Batman fighting his arch-rivals, Joker and Bane. The film has got an ending that Batman fans wouldn't love to see.


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