Japan's Overly Decorated Trucks


These overly decorated trucks are known as Dekorota in Japan. The owners add many decorations to their trucks in order to make them unique and impressive. Neon lights, flashy spoilers, manga and kabuki artworks become an integral part of this amazing art on four wheels.
  The Dekotora movement started in Japan with the success of a movie series called "Trucker", that featured an overly decorated truck.

Heavy Duty Trucks fueled by Hydrogen

The Roadrunner is a future truck designed by Adriano Mudri that will be powered by hydrogen. Adriano specially designed this heavy duty truck to make it sustainable in worst case scenarios of low fossil fuel supply in the future. The Roadrunner will have steering wheel and driver's seat in the centre to give a better view of the road.
It will also be equipped with rear and front cameras that display the surrounding environment well, including the outer dimensions of the truck.
Via:Hydrogen Fueled Trucks



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