Scary Business Promotion (Video)

Swedish theme park Gröna Lund adopted a very scary tactic to promote their House of Nightmares. At the theatre they set up a kiss cam and hide a zombie, who interrupted and scared kissing couples. The situation caused panic and the audience had no idea whats was going on around. Soon they were relieved by seeing an ad on screen for the park's House of Horror.


This Hyundai Veloster can Withstand Zombie Apocalypse

The specially designed Hyundai Veloster Zombie Survival Machine is an extreme four-wheeler to withstand zombie apocalypse. The vehicle is designed in collboration with Hyundai, Future US and The Walking Dead to keep safe when there is an outbreak of undead. The car is studded with armors, shotgns, chainsaws and other deadly equipments to make it a perfect zombie survival beast.

  The car was unveiled at Comicon this year in San Diego.



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